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Our Spanish voice over services

We Offer a Full Suite of Spanish Voice Over Services to Meet Your Needs

As a Spanish-language only production studio, we are uniquely qualified to deliver your message in authentic, accurate Spanish. Our professional talent produces broadcast-quality recordings that speak to local markets in native, conversational dialects and accents, helping increase your customer engagement, encourage loyalty, and build sales and a positive presence for your brand worldwide.

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Voice Over

Voice over work is the heart and soul of our business; our team of native, seasoned talent hails from Spanish-speaking countries worldwide — from Mexico and other Latin American countries to the Caribbean and Spain. Our voice over specialists also provide you with valuable insights into the style of writing and recording that will resonate best with the consumers you most want to reach. You can count on Plumey Voices for the highest quality professionally recorded and mixed voice presentations, perfect for all media, including television, radio, online media and more.

Voice Acting

When you want believable, engaging characters that tell a story that has emotional impact, our voice actors have what it takes to bring your script to life. From television programs and films, to cartoons, video games, documentaries, corporate videos and more, we’re here to help you produce your important projects. Each custom voice acting job includes an initial consultation, where our experienced team advises you on how to optimize the impact of your script with just the right talent selected from our specialists.

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Script Translation Services

Your script in English may perfectly represent your brand… but when translated word-for-word into Spanish, it can easily lose the meaning, potency and punch necessary to speak to a local audience. Our team of experts will help ensure that your script is not only grammatically correct, but that it also includes the nuances necessary to authentically communicate all key points in your script. We then record the material for a finished product that boosts your brand’s credibility and connection.


Just as you can rely on our Spanish talent to create compelling recordings, you can count on our our team of experienced post-production professionals to expertly produce your project. Using leading-edge equipment and software, we produce, mix and/or edit all of our Spanish voice over and acting work.

Our audio production services include:

  • Radio commercial production
  • TV commercial production
  • Character voices
  • Cartoon voices
  • Animation audio production
  • Corporate and any other video narration
  • Phone system audio production (greetings, on-hold messages, etc.)
  • Dubbing and lip synch
  • Video and audio transcription
  • And more!

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